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The Power of Alignment

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The moment you DECIDE to be AMAZING, be prepared to encounter MAJOR resistance. From yourself, for sure. But you’ve made a decision so you ignore your own bullshit. Now, the resistance from outside influence? There lies your challenge.

2017 was a VERY shitty year for me. Multiple unexpected things happened to side track me in a big way. But if I’m completely honest and offer FULL DISCLOSURE, after some major internal work and reassessing, I had to get really honest with MYSELF! I have been building up some major self sabotaging in the last 2 years and I take FULL responsibility for it.

I abandoned my zone of genius to take on the zone of genius of others.

I have CONSISTENTLY ignored my intuition and inner guidance system and have made justifications for it just to appease others.

I have ignored my own rule of “Don’t follow the crowd.”

I allowed the wrong people to LEAD me and for starters I’ve never done well “following”. And secondly, this alone led me to ultimately feeling incompetent & insufficient, crushing my self confidence and my high achievers mindset.

This all led to me having a major self pity party that by default or perhaps subconsciously made me coast for a while. But it was in that space of withdrawal that I realized I had all by myself immersed ME into a place that was robbing me of my essence and joy, going against EVERYTHING that I value and makes me VIBE AT MY HIGHEST!

And voilá! It became clear. I shook myself off and began doing the work! And like fuckin’ magic I feel like LIFE has been breathed back into me.

I feel aligned.
I feel empowered.
I feel inspired.
I got my creativity back!

As a result I’ve began connecting with people who value the same things I do.

I’ve doubled my engagement on social media.

I’m attracting people I am meant to serve MY WAY as opposed to chasing the wrong people in fake, inauthentic ways. (Something I’m really hard on myself on for even entertaining. 🙈.)

I am being MORE productive by working less. Because, forgive me but while I LOVE Gary Vaynerchuck’s business savvy and marketing genius, I don’t align with the “work yourself into oblivion” kind of mentality. It was suffocating me. And that is NOT at all the kind of business model I have EVER envisioned.

And best of all, this entire experience of yet another chapter of self discovery has led me to create a NEW and improved framework to service my clients:
The Aligned Business Model! 😍

I will be hosting a FREE masterclass teaching my 6 Step Aligned Business Model framework because I believe EVERY business needs to be ALIGNED AF to move forward! Especially if you’re an intuitive as myself!

To sign up for the mastermind go here!



Living My Life by Design

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Focusing all your energy on “LIFE BY DESIGN” leaves no room for misery. Every space. Every relationship. Every effort is focused on VIBRATING high! Anything short of that is not worth my time. Sometimes, I forget. But life always finds the way to remind you. Pay attention. And ALWAYS choose joy!!!

That has been my life philosophy for the last decade, if not longer! It has made all the difference in creating a life along my desires and what fits my personal lifestyle choices. At some point I realized that I couldn’t have it my way and please everyone and fit everywhere. I had to choose. In making a choice some things and people have to go. It doesn’t make you indifferent. It makes you proactive with priority. In life we will always be faced with having to make tough decisions.

Usually the toughest ones involve DOING YOU. But life itself has shown me that making the tough decisions beats dragging a life and taking on things that are not meant for you.

The concept applies to all the areas of my life. But where I have really had to put it into practice  is in my decision to build a business from home. It’s a challenge and lifestyle that is not understood by many unless you have a similar calling and desire for freedom. Which is what has also allowed me to understand, unlike many, the vulnerabilities and struggles of women who want more and struggle with the decision to go for it because of what it takes and means for them and those around them.

The beautiful thing though, is that all things are possible. Women just like me from all different walks of life and dynamic professional backgrounds can take the leap into the unknown and design a life on their terms. Is it easy? NO. Is it simple? Yes.

It begins with making a decision and having unrelenting commitment to your vision.

Finding a mentor and support system of people that understand your vision and will help you achieve it.

As simple as that sounds. Most give up or don’t even try. Hence, the millions of frustrated lives we see abound.

But if that is not you. If you are READY to move in the direction of more personal freedom and designing the life of your dreams

I want to talk to you about supporting you. Click HERE and fill out the form to schedule a time to chat with me about your goals, dreams and desires.

Let’s figure out if what I have to offer you is a good fit to get you there. 😉


Mind and Body Shift

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Results Beginin The Mind


In working with women in the capacity of mentor and coach, I know one thing for sure: Results of ANY kind begin in the mind.

The biggest struggle is never the work or focus it takes to get anything done, but the mindset blocks that we all have that keep us

limited, stuck, procrastinating, quitting and ultimately feeling like a failure.


I always tell my clients and challengers that I can give them the full package for success, wrapped up in a beautiful golden bow. But,

if they don’t THINK their way to succeeding, it will never happen.


It’s the person who can rise above the feelings, the negative, self sabotaging beliefs that will make breakthroughs. It’s the small shifts in our

belief system over time that yield a change. And that change can be a positive one or a negative one. Again, depending always on what you choose

to believe, and therefore, how you choose to act.


Believing sets you into positive motion. Positive, forward motion requires a certain kind of mindset. Where no matter the challenge, the roadblock, or

feelings of discomfort or the inconvenience you will see your way through.


The great thing is that even if you aren’t the person who has developed the habit of a healthy mindset to reach your goals, you absolutely can. And that is what

I’m putting my energy into teaching my challengers this summer. It begins with YOU. In your MIND.


The focus will be to change the body beginning with how we think. And how what that yields, then spills over to every other area of your life.


If you’re looking to lose weight and finally get fit and make wellness a lifestyle not a 2 week gimmick, then my Summer Series of Challenge Groups is for you.


Fill out the form below to apply for a spot.